Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections?
An essential for all property buyers

Most New Zealander’s homes are their biggest investments so it is important to understand the condition, and maintence required of a property before purchasing it. Even low maintence does not mean no maintenance. Engage a suitable qualified professional to determine the condition of a property and report on remediation and maintence work required as well as highlighting positive attributes.

Ensure you know exactly what you are purchasing, a pre-purchase building inspection may save you many thousands of dollars


AA Home Inspections can provide a promptly executed and thoroughly comprehensive, easy to read report on the condition of a property. We provide pre purchase building surveys in accordance with the NZS 4306: 2005, New Zealand Standard Residential property inspection. If you require a building surveyor, AA Home Inspections is the right company to choose Northland wide.

We provide a full narrative report rich with descriptive photographs so that anyone can comprehensively understand the content of the report and condition of the property. We are also available to explain and discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding a report’s findings.

You could regret your decision to buy a house if faced with unexpected repair bills that weren’t in your budget


Unknown or unseen problems can soon consume a substantial part of your equity, your time and your peace of mind. If you think you need a building report, a building inspection from AA Home Inspections will answer all your questions on the integrity of the property. If you are concerned with compliance issues please call us to arrange an inspection, investigation and assessment on your property or future property.

AA Home Inspections carries professional indemnity insurance

Often people use a friend or relative that is a builder to do the inspection for them. This tends to be an informal arrangement and possibly the cheapest. The main problems with this approach are:

  • They are unlikely to have insurance that covers you if anything goes wrong, whether it’s a poor assessment of the building or damage they cause while they are visiting that property.
  • They may miss a major defect and as a result damage your personal relationship with that person.
  • They are unlikely to have experience in looking at all aspects of building soundness.

Do you have a building inspection as a condition of a sales and purchase agreement?


AA Home Inspections delivers reports fast via email. A building inspection usually takes 24 - 48 hours to complete. If you have pre-purchase inspection as a condition of a sales and purchase agreement you should also allow time to go over the information provided in the report. We are able to upon request produce and email you a copy of the report the same day if required or time is running short. We recommend being proactive and having a pre-purchase report carried out before negotiations begin. The more you know about a property the more prepared you are for negotiations.

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A pre-purchase building inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of a property. A building inspection is also known as a house inspection or a building survey.