Condition Inspections

Pre-Listing Condition Inspections?
A tool for property sellers

Most New Zealander’s homes are their biggest investments, so it is important to protect them. Is your property in good shape? Even a low maintenance property does not mean no maintenance. Protect your investment by engaging a suitable qualified person to carry out a pre-listing condition inspection to determine the condition of your property, and report on remediation and maintenance work required as well as highlighting positive attributes. The more you know about your home the more prepared you are for negotiation.

Repair, maintain and detail your house to perfection, present it to its best standard, much like you would prepare a car for sale.


The New Zealand Building Code Requirements –

The New Zealand Building Code places a legal obligation on building owners to ensure that buildings shall continue to meet the function and performance requirements of the NZBC with normal maintenance. This means that for a building to comply with the building code owners need to carry out maintenance that ensures the building’s exterior is weathertight.

Selling your property –

If you are going to sell your property a pre-listing condition inspection identifies defects and potential problems of a building. This can help in ensuring that preventative work is carried out. By being proactive you can avoid a future failure occurring and avoid potential issues of liability.

Most sellers don’t realise the benefits of having a home inspection done before placing their home on the market.


There are more properties listed for sale then houses sold. In an economic climate favouring buyers being proactive having a condition inspection and carrying out mitigation and or maintenance work makes your property stand out.

A pre listing condition inspection may save you a lot of time, effort and expense during the often stressful time of negotiating a property sale.


The trend is changing and sellers are having a home inspection at the time of their listing in order to determine the condition of their property and use it as a sales tool.

  • Help your home stand out in a tough market

  • Deal with your properties problems the way you choose

  • No more re-negotiations after the pre-purchase home inspection

  • No more alarmed buyers when the building surveyor finds a problem

  • No deal breaking issues

  • No more countless hours and dollars in energy to get a contract that is “blown out of the water” from found defects

  • A pre listing condition inspection is the ultimate gesture of full disclosure